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How Facebook Ads Can Help You Grow Your Business

If you are running a Facebook business page, you might agree with the fact that when you post something and you are not using Facebook ads, that post goes nowhere. Facebook has ratcheted its organic reach. Now users only get to see what they want to see in their newsfeed.

For Facebook, user experience is at the forefront. The company continues making efforts to improve it. It makes perfect sense because, without customers, there is no use of advertising. Like any other digital marketing initiative, Facebook ads must have an objective and you need to design the right content to meet those objectives. You cannot simply post content on your page and consider it’s enough. You must make sure people are able to see that content and take actions.

If you are thinking of hiring a social media advertising agency to manage your Facebook ads, it’s a good investment. These ads will play a great role in helping your business grow. Let’s see how:

· Expand your reach

Consider the example that you are launching a new product. Facebook ads will make sure your audience knows about it. Let’s say some of your customers have not visited your website for a while. They might not know about the new product you have launched or the annual sale that’s about to start. By using Facebook ads, you can break the news.

The Facebook custom audience feature lets you target customers based on information such as phone numbers or email list. You can create and display an ad tailored for a specific audience. How great is that?

· Build a fan base

If you are a new brand and you are looking forward to creating a fan base, Facebook ads for small business are here to serve you. When you connect with your potential customers on a regular basis, this increases loyalty and the chances of getting leads.

Loyal customers are extremely important for a business. They are actually the advocates of your products and services. They would recommend it to their friends and family.

· Increase web traffic

If your page’s and website’s organic reach is declining, no worries, Facebook ads can help increase the reach. It is an easy to spend some money on getting consistent traffic from Facebook to your website.

The chances of getting discovered through free content are slim. Not all of your fans would be seeing your posts. This will further limit the chances of generating leads. But with Facebook ads, you can get noticed. People will click through your ads and land onto your website. They will be directly exposed to your product or service.

And let’s be honest, once they land on your website, chances are higher that they might make a purchase than if they didnt arrive in the first place!

· The results are measurable

A great thing about Facebook advertising is that the results are measurable. You can see how many impressions, clicks, and conversions were received by each ad. This gives you the opportunity to alter your strategy if you didn’t see the desired results.

· Advanced targeting capabilities

Facebook lets you create a number of different ads. With these types of ads, you even target the Prime Minister of Canada. You can use targeting capabilities such as connections, demographics, interests, locations, age, language, etc. to reach out to the kind of people you want.

· Find qualified leads

Once you have successfully found a type of audience that converts, Facebook lets you find lookalikes. Facebook literally lets you reach out to people with similar likes and behaviour as your audience.

For that, you will have to use conversion pixels. You can also define the size of your target audience or use more filters to find people who are an accurate reflection of your target audience. Many businesses have successfully used this approach and increased their revenue. It can save you both time and effort.

· Facebook ads are cheap

There are so many things to love about Facebook ads and the best of them is that it’s cheap. It tends to cost a fraction of what other marketing channels cost. You can reach out to 200 people by spending just $5 a day. Isn’t that impressive?

If you have a limited budget, no problem. You can set a daily budget and Facebook will make sure you don’t spend more than that. When it comes to results, every pound or dollar you spend will bring result. Facebook marketing is very affordable. Hence, every online business is using it.

· The call buttons

Call buttons on Facebook are a game-changer. They are more valuable than getting clicks on your website. When a mobile user sees a Facebook ad and they click on the “Call Now” button, consider that you have captured a lead.

When you compare this to an old-school conversion ad on desktop, a user when sees an ad and clicks on it is, this takes him to a landing page. He may or not buy something.

· Promote your content

If you are creating highly engaging content on your website and you want people to notice it, there is no better way of doing that than Facebook ads. You might be sharing them across all social networks but it is not enough. Through Facebook ads, you can amplify the reach of your content.

When people notice your content through ads and they like it, they will share it too. Your content will then be exposed to a larger audience.

Summing Up

Facebook is too huge to ignore. All you customers hang out on Facebook. An average person spends 28% of their time on social media. So, yes, people spend a ridiculous amount of time on social media. You cannot ignore that if you want your brand to get noticed. Be where your customers are – on Facebook.

It is a cheap yet reliable way of promoting your business. You might have to learn how Facebook ads work though but that won’t take much time. If you want a dedicated team to work on those ads, you can always outsource a social media agency to do the work. This will generate better results.

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