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How To Make Your Social Media Campaigns More Successful

About 78 per cent of businesses these days have dedicated teams to run their social media pages. It is evident that organizations have started to acknowledge the power to social media for attracting and engaging customers.

But there is a problem.

Just because you are on social media, it does not mean you are using it the right way. You may not be making the most of it. You might not be maximizing the impact of your social media campaigns either.

The question is, how do you make sure you are doing it right? How do you make your social media campaigns successful?

Is the only way to do so is to hire a social media ads agency? Or can you do it on your own, too?

If you are looking for answers, here are some ways you can make your social media campaigns successful:

Set clear goals

Before you start the campaign, you must do some planning. Jot down your primary and secondary goals for the campaign. Then, you must measure whether your campaigns have helped you reach those goals. More sales, lead generation, product awareness and increased brand awareness are some of the goals associated with social media campaigns.

Know the rules of the platforms you are using

No matter which social media platform you are using, you must be familiar with the rules for running an ad there. Otherwise, you won’t get to take the most advantage of that platform.

For instance, Facebook has strict rules where you promote something on your timeline. If you violate the rules, it can terminate your entire business timeline.

Know your audience

A message will never be effective unless it is designed for the people you are trying to target.

For your social media campaign to be effective, you have to develop a relevant buyer’s persona. If you are struggling to identify your audience, this might assist you:

  • The clients that are happy with your products and services are the first bunch you should start with. Take some time to study their demographics and industries to understand them.

  • Now, have a look at your product. Ask yourself how does it help a buyer? Does your product represent the value of your organization?

  • Survey your customer support. What kind of questions do they hear the most? This will help you build content that is most likely to engage your target audience.

All this will help you identify and understand your audience.

Deliver consistently

A successful social media initiative is the one that is delivered consistently. It is not enough to write a blog and post it social media with an image. You need to give out more information to your audience.

Here are some ways of being consistent:

  • Whether you are writing a blog or hosting a webinar, keep your target audience in mind.

  • Along with posting your own blogs, post articles relevant to your industry. This will help you fill up your social media calendar. Make sure you are not being salesy. This drives the audience away.

  • · Listen to what your audience is interested in hearing. Then share stories related to that.

Engage your audience

You need to find and build ways to engage with your audience. It is pertinent to the success of your social media campaigns.

Keep in mind social media is not a one-way street. Once you post something, you get an opportunity to engage with your audience. You either get a like, comment or share on your post. Make sure you respond to your followers.

If you know there are some followers who would be interested in a specific piece of information, tag them. This will make your audience feel special, too.

Always include a call to action, always. Your followers may not know what you want them to do. Make use of hashtags. They help cut through the noise of information. Come up with a list of hashtags that are related to your business. They are very useful in making your message

discoverable on the web.

Team with other brands

Are there other brands that might be interested in doing a partnership with you in your social media campaign? If so, this could help both of you. Look for brands that overlap your target audience.

However, do not choose a brand that sells the same products as you. Increase the awareness of your business by using co-marketing strategies.

Tap onto influencers

Everyone is using influencer marketing these days and so should you.

We all have influencers in our circle. Once you get to identify these people, you can use them to promote your brand. They don’t always have to be the big names in the industry.

Learn from the innovators

While you are working on your campaign, don’t hesitate in doing some research on how the popular marketing executives work and think. Read interviews with the successful CMOs.

Borrow their strategies if you must. You might be able to come with a creative idea for your campaign to accomplish your goals.

Measure the success

Of course, you cannot know whether a campaign brought the results you were looking unless you measure it. So, review the success metrics. Find out if you met the goals you set. If you didn’t, then it means you have to take another road and make some changes in your campaign.

Rinse and Repeat

Metrics show you where you currently are and where you must go. They let you see what type of content got more engagement, how much attention each post is getting and at what time of the day. With all this information, you can make modifications in your strategy and get better results from your efforts.

You will face a number of challenges while working on social media campaigns because there is no cookie-cutter fit. Businesses start out excited but when they don’t see the results, they lose commitment. Don’t let that happen to you. Stay focused. You will learn with trial and error.

Try these tips to make your campaigns more fruitful.

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