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Why using video is important for Social Media ad campaigns?

With the increased scope for social media, users are getting edgier. Regardless of how many rivals you have in the industry and how much your brick and mortar business is flourishing, you do need to have a positive online image. As suggested by the Wyzowl statistics, 63% of businesses are using video marketing for their publicity.

There are undoubtedly different reasons why even the most renowned agency for social media advertising is opting for video marketing. But is it worth considering the video marketing strategies to promote your business? Here is the answer!

Visual audio is probably one of the most flexible and profit-oriented digital marketing alternatives of all times. Here are some reasons why video marketing can be integral to any social media campaign. Go through some of these!

1. It helps to boost sales and conversion rates.

Though it directly or indirectly seems to be a quite obvious opportunity, the fact that video marketing can help to widen your conversion rate can’t also be dissented from. Video paves the way for great ROI, and 83 percent of business provides a good return on investment if they opt for video marketing on social media.

2. Video as a delight for mobile users

Mobile video views have grown over more than 23 percent, and as per the recent surveys, almost 90 percent of the users use videos on their mobiles. A majority of persons love to watch video on the go and so the video audience keeps getting bigger and bigger.

3. Video directly means engaging content

If you shift your attention to an Agency for social media advertising, then they can help to fabricate engaging video content that can even hook your laziest users to the screen. The best part about videos is that they are interesting and are easy to consume at the very same time, which makes it ideal for customer engagement.

4. Leading search engines love videos

Video can help to increase the time spent by the visitors on your site and so well-known search engines like Google are in absolute love with videos. You just need to optimize your videos for SEO, and your site will be firm in the top places of Google’s search engine rankings.

5. Video is the new cool guy in email campaigns

Video is one of those far-reaching mediums that can help to boost audience engagement massively with the email campaigns. Any introductory email containing video can enhance the click-through rate by 96%, which is an exceptional option to stand apart from the crowd.

Before you start, you do need to consider the fact that whether you have enough resources to fabricate and use video content in your marketing strategies or not. But if you think you don’t have enough time and resources, and then you can always try to pick out an agency for Social Media advertising that can help you to adhere to the basics.

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